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A question that I've been getting quite a bit is whether or not I will be doing readings again.

At the present time, I'm not doing them.  I may do so when I feel I'm up to it.

Right now, I am still available to do the Financial Blessings that were so very popular on my website.  I love doing these as I always received so many positive comments from those who had ordered them.   They also were fun for me as I used meditation and visualization when I did them.  

What is a Financial Blessing?   I go into a meditative state and using visualization techniques and Distance Reiki, I send out energy to any blocks you might have that are hindering your ability to receive Abundance.

Do I absolutely guarantee that this will work?  No, but people have loved them and have reported good results.   I'm going to offer them again because I enjoy doing them, and sending out all that good energy is good for me too!

It helps when you purchase one for you to send me a short sentence or two on why you think you are blocked.  I don't need or want personal information (no bank account totals, numbers or your income).   All I really want is something along the lines of, "I get money, but it seems to go out too fast" - but geared to what YOU think. 

These blessings are $5.  I like to keep these very low priced, but still have some value...what's known as a "fair exchange of energy".    However, the money now goes to my favorite charity, My Angel With Paws.     Once you have donated just send me a copy of the receipt at holly@hollys.com  and I'll do your blessing.      Another option is that there is a link on the form for donating that will allow you to notify me that you have donated.   

Simple and easy.  Good for you and this wonderful charity.   (and feel free to donate a little more if you wish)


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