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Hello everyone!

I know many people wondered what happened to me and my site.  I once had one of the largest and oldest New Age websites on the Internet called The Cyber Psychic.

Then one day it disappeared and was replaced with a "Bear with me I'm changing my server" message.  

To make a long story short, about two years ago I started becoming increasingly sick.    It took quite a few doctors and a lot of "is it this?" or "is it that?" diagnoses for them to figure out I had Meniere's Disease.

I ended up having three surgeries, one of which was basically brain surgery.  It's been a long road and I've dealt with some major depression.

I was one of the most positive-minded, happy and healthy people there was - so how could this happen to me?  I also knew many, many techniques for healing.  I'd used many of them on myself and with my clients and I know they worked.  

So how could such a positive-minded and happy person slip into sickness and depression?   I'm sure it's one of my many learning lessons.

Now that much of the worst has hit me and happened, I'm realizing that I DO have those techniques at my disposal, and it's time to use them.   Right now I'm working strongly with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation, and I'm looking into Matrix Reimprinting which is a technique that uses EFT.

I did a Blog detailing what unfolds during this journey - a "Journey Back to Me", really.  

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